Mark Kikta

Mark Kikta

Company: Redlegg

Job Title: Sr. Security Consultant

Mr. Mark Kikta has a reputation for top-notch technical and strategic excellence with an emphasis on total security posture. With an electric background spanning IT operations, defensive security and offensive security, Mr. Kikta provides a blended approach to security tailored to each client. Mr. Kikta is a Senior Security Consultant at RedLegg and specializes in penetration testing, red team and vulnerabilityassessments.

Mr. Kikta is notorious for over-delivering and first-class customer service, resulting in lifelong relationships & excellent service.

Prior to his position at RedLegg, Mark was a Sr. Associate of Information Security at Discover Financial Services where he was responsible for the strategic pen testing of DFS infrastructure. Additional tactical objectives include web services,applications,writing followupreports, communicating issues and fixing various issues. In addition,Markhelpedcreate theAdaptiveThreatsand Research Group.