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Keith Smith

Keith Smith

Company: Root9B

Job Title: Vice President of Threat Intelligence

Keith Smith is a retired United States Army and Intelligence veteran with over 20 years’ experience in military and civilian special intelligence operations, training, and leadership. His multidisciplinary background includes assignments as both a HUMINT core collector and a senior SIGINT analyst for the Department of Defense. He is fluent in numerous Eastern European languages including Hungarian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Slovak, Polish, and Czech. Prior to joining root9B Keith held a variety of operational and leadership assignments in sensitive overseas locations. As Vice President of Threat Intelligence, Mr. Smith is responsible for design, development, oversight, and implementation of refined (cyber) threat intelligence systems and strategies that provide timely, accurate, relevant, and predictive cyber threat intelligence for clients. Mr. Smith holds a B.S. in International Business from Texas A&M Central Texas, an A.A. in General Studies from Central Texas College, and an A.A. in Russian Studies from the Defense Language Institute/Foreign Language Center. He also holds a number of IT industry professional certifications.