Tim Medin

Tim Medin

Company: Red Siege

Job Title: Founder

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Tim Medin is the founder of Red Siege, a company focused to adversary emulation and penetration testing. He is also the SANS MSISE Program Director, the coauthor of multiple SANS courses, and a member of the IANS Faculty. Through the course of his career, Tim has performed penetration tests on a wide range of organizations and technologies. He gained information security experience in a variety of industries including previous positions in control systems, higher education, financial services, and manufacturing. Tim is an experienced international speaker, having presented to a organizations around the world. Tim is the creator of the Kerberoasting, a technique to extract Kerberos tickets to offline attack the passwords of enterprise service accounts.

Tim Medin Seminars

  • Hacking Dumberly, Just Like the Bad Guys Wed 31st Oct 11:30 - 12:00

    Hacking Dumberly, Just Like the Bad Guys

    Tim will discuss the dumbest red team tricks and hacks he's encountered over the years. He is going to take the A out of APT, because so few attackers really need to use advanced techniques. He'll also discuss the simple defenses that make an attacker's life much more difficult.


    Tim Medin

    Tim Medin

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    Wed 31st Oct 11:30 to 12:00

    The Keynote