Rob Carson

Rob Carson

Company: SemperSec

Job Title: CEO/Principal Consultant

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Rob Carson founder of Semper Sec. Rob knows how to simplify the problem and deliver solutions.

His clients base includes:

- Fortune 200 Companies
- US Government Contractors
- State and Local Governments
- Fuel Retailers
- Software and hardware manufacturers

His distinguished career includes service as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer, as well as leading roles in IT and Security. Before devoting his work fulltime to facilitating his client's success, He built highly successful information security programs for ISO 27001:2005/2013, PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-171, GDPR. He also volunteers his time as the Chief Security Officer for BSIDES Las Vegas, a non-profit educational organization designed to advance the body of Information Security.

Rob Carson Seminars

  • Use of Guerrilla Warfare for the Blue Team Thu 1st Nov 01:40 - 02:10

    Use of Guerrilla Warfare for the Blue Team

    Blue Team Security is a hard job. It's not sexy, and it is always complicated navigating between the people, processes, and technology of the organization. Blue teams try to defend meanwhile breaches still happen. Why? adversaries (external AND internal) just need to find a pin-hole or create one. Or buy one. That simple.

    Its time, we start thinking and acting like a guerrilla and adopt some practices from irregular warfare.  Irregular warfare has a long history of defeating larger and better-equipped adversaries while using limited resources.  Let’s talk about how we can adopt these tools, technique and procedures to win.


    Rob Carson

    Rob Carson

    Time / Place

    Thu 1st Nov 01:40 to 02:10

    Network Security, Ransomware & IOT Theatre