Parker Cook

Parker Cook

Company: SentinelOne

Job Title: Solutions Engineer

Parker Crook has been in the security industry for over ten years across multiple verticals. He has experience working on both blue and red teams and been asked to speak at various regional security conferences. Some of his speaking engagements covered topics such as purple-teaming, wargaming, orchestration, and his own research. Most recently, Parker presented his research on abusing memory-mapped files in Windows at Black Hat USA 2018. Parker is currently the lead Solutions Engineer at SentinelOne where he helps companies within the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana regions solve some of the most challenging cyber-security issues. 

Parker Cook Seminars

  • Advanced Attackers And Evolving Enterprise Defenses Wed 31st Oct 02:00 - 02:50

    Advanced Attackers And Evolving Enterprise Defenses

    Advanced attackers are always looking for ways to stay hidden. The growing use of traffic encryption — over 50% of Web traffic today is encrypted — provides a simple trick for attackers to hide their threats and communications channels. Exploit kits, malware, adware, callbacks, as well as command & control channels leverage encrypted communications to infiltrate organizations and exfiltrate information.
    Look into encrypted traffic, without the need for a proxy or additional agents and ensure full coverage of threats hiding within covert channels. Learn how EPP capabilities can be extended to provide an integrated workflow from visibility & detection to response & remediation. A single agent, single console architecture provides deployment simplicity and operational agility to improve productivity and minimize business impact of threats.


    Parker Cook

    Parker Cook

    Time / Place

    Wed 31st Oct 02:00 to 02:50

    Cyber Hack Theatre