Michael Knapp

Michael Knapp

Company: Forcepoint

Job Title: Director of Sales Engineering

Michael Knapp is the Director of Network Security Architects – Americas for Forcepoint and is responsible for leading a team of Network Security experts across the Americas.  The team focuses on developing comprehensive network security solutions for organizations across Global Governments, Fortune 500 Enterprises, Local Government, Education, Healthcare, Retail and other verticals alike.  The teams primary goal is to listen, understand complex customer challenges, and then develop integrated solutions which exceed the requested needs.

With over 24 years in IT, in both networking infrastructure and information security; Mr. Knapp is capable of bringing both the Networking and Security teams together in conversations to develop the best solution possible for an organization. To keep his technical skills fresh, he still works hands-on with technology and actively develops integrated networks security solutions for various organizations.  

Michael Knapp Seminars

  • Putting the Human Back Into Network Security Thu 1st Nov 11:30 - 12:10

    Putting the Human Back Into Network Security

    Network security technology is shifting from just being a way to keep threats out of your network to providing operational insights that can make your people more effective and your organization more efficient. With the growth of unmanaged devices like phones, tables, appliances and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, the network often is the only place where sensing and enforcement can be done consistently. Advances in behavioral monitoring, analytics and machine learning are converging, enabling security to go beyond the old black-and-white, threat-centric approach of separating activities into “good” and “bad.” Now, security is becoming context-based, addressing the fuzzy “gray” area where today’s greatest productivity and greatest risks are found.


    Michael Knapp

    Michael Knapp

    Time / Place

    Thu 1st Nov 11:30 to 12:10

    Cyber Hack Theatre