Heather Gantt-Evans

Heather Gantt-Evans

Company: Ernst & Young, LLP

Job Title: Senior Manager of Cyber Threat Management


Heather is a CISSP-certified senior manager with a Masters in Technology Management in the Advisory Risk practice of Ernst & Young, LLP. She is a Subject Matter Expert for EY’s Cyber Threat Management competency with a focus on Cyber Exercises, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Next-generation Security Operation Centers (SOCs). She specializes in the custom operationalization of intelligence but has the breadth and depth of experience to consult on a wide range of SOC and cyber security best practices, processes and challenges. She is most passionate about next-gen SOCs and leveraging cyber exercises, CTI, threat hunting, proactive fortification missions, analytics and robotic process automation to maximize security insights, increase productivity, decrease noise and improve defensive actions.

Heather Gantt-Evans Seminars

  • Exercise the cyber demogorgons Wed 31st Oct 01:00 - 01:50

    Exercise the cyber demogorgons

    As businesses become more digitally dependent, security ops become more intertwined with the business. To test, measure and validate this alignment, we present a model of cyclical, intensity increasing and threat scenario-driven exercises designed to stress test the entire business’ ability to respond. Today, cyber-incidents are business incidents, cyber threats are business threats.


    Heather Gantt-Evans

    Heather Gantt-Evans

    Time / Place

    Wed 31st Oct 01:00 to 01:50

    Cyber Hack Theatre