Gary Nichols

Gary Nichols

Company: Charles Schwab

Job Title: Managing Director, Security Design & Engineering

Gary Nichols is the Managing Director of Security Design & Engineering for Charles Schwab.  He oversees information security standards, researching and recommending security technologies, security research and development, managing cloud security strategy, and establishing security designs and prescriptive architectures for the Firm.  Mr. Nichols has over 20 years of information security and information technology experience within the military, government, hospitality, telecommunications, aerospace, banking, software development and insurance sectors. 

Prior to joining Charles Schwab, Mr. Nichols was a consultant to  Honeywell Global Security, and was the Chief Information Security Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

Charles Schwab & Co. (NYSE:SCHW) is one of the world's largest investment banks and brokerage companies, managing over $3 trillion in assets. The San Francisco-based company operates more than 300 branches with around 14,0000 employees throughout the US, in London and Hong Kong.

Gary Nichols Seminars

  • Reading the Tea Leaves: Preparing for the Future Cybersecurity Job Market Thu 1st Nov 01:40 - 02:10

    Reading the Tea Leaves: Preparing for the Future Cybersecurity Job Market

    Cyber warfare has evolved from a once futuristic concern of science fiction writers to an almost daily headline in the news. As attackers, methods and destructive capabilities evolve, so must those responsible for the defense and wellbeing of information systems. Explore the current state of both defensive and offensive human and technology capabilities, what the tea leaves are telling us about the near-term future, the gaps that exist, and the shift that is occurring that will reshape the cybersecurity job market to come. Understand what is coming, and invest in the right skill sets today to protect the information landscape of tomorrow.


    Gary Nichols

    Gary Nichols

    Time / Place

    Thu 1st Nov 01:40 to 02:10

    Future Cyber Tech, Application Security & DevOps Theatre