Adam Hogan

Adam Hogan

Company: CrowdStrike

Job Title: Field Security Engineer


Adam Hogan is a sales engineering manager for CrowdStrike. With 15 years in infosec he has worked as an intrusion analyst, security consultant and instructor before joining a sales team. He first broke into security by teaching himself the Snort IDS platform and is now grateful the community is large enough that he can easily learn from others.

Adam Hogan Seminars

  • Piracy, Yesterday and Today Wed 31st Oct 11:30 - 12:10

    Piracy, Yesterday and Today

    The pirate companies of the 1600s were criminals opportunistically exploiting the new world of sail. This makes them far more similar to the adversaries of cyberspace than traditional thieves or organized crime. Pirates were forced to innovate or die, turned into some of the most progressive companies the world had ever seen. There is a lot of learn from this stunning level of innovation. I believe that understanding how these criminals organize offers insight into what we can learn about cyber criminals - and how to combat them.


    Adam Hogan

    Adam Hogan

    Time / Place

    Wed 31st Oct 11:30 to 12:10

    Cyber Hack Theatre