The State of Hacking & Cybercrime

The Keynote Theatre

Wed 31st Oct 08:30 to 09:20

Samy Kamkar: Fun, Fascinating, Terrifying


Meet the man who changed the internet forever.


Best known for creating the fastest spreading virus of all time, the MySpace Worm, Samy Kamkar is a cyber security expert whose work is cited by the NSA, triggers hearings on Capitol Hill, and is used as the basis for security advancements across virtually all web browsers, smartphones, and other technologies. He is speaking at Cyber Security Dallas about the insecurities in every day technologies in his seminar “The State of Hacking and Cyber Crime” which is described as revealing something fun, fascinating and terrifying. Expect eye opening live hacks, demonstrations & audience involvement from the hacker that changed the internet forever.

What you will take away from this session

  • Hackers look for the weakest link, the easiest way in - for cyber and physical attacks
  • Use 2-Factor Authentication everywhere - this will stop 95% of hacks
  • Avoid RFID key cards or pin codes for physical security as they're easily cloned or stolen, use encrypted mobile apps
  • Don't listen to that web form; you are a strong, confident password!


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