From Home Cocoon to Enterprise Moth - The evolution of Ransomware

From Home Cocoon to Enterprise Moth - The evolution of Ransomware

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 19th Oct 15:45 to 16:25

Ransomware is a rapidly proliferating form of malware that encrypts files on PCs, servers, and smartphones preventing its victims from being able to access their data or share it nonconsensually unless a ransom is paid. To most users, it must look as if the recent ransomware plagues arrived out of the blue. Reality check draws a little different picture indicating that ransomware campaigns were circulating as early as 2006, and yet it wasn’t until 2013, that this type of malware suddenly spiked globally. Fast forward four years later, ransomware makers profits have soared, reaching a total ransom figure of $1 billion. The consumer targeting, spray and pray ransomware campaigns were replaced with targeted ransomware, backed by nation grade door opening exploitations targeting mission-critical enterprise assets. Are we destined to move back to hard-copies?

What you will take away from this session

  • Understand what Ransomware is and how it has evolved
  • Gain insight into the top Ransomware techniques and vulnerabilities exploited
  • Learn best practices for protecting, detecting, and responding to Ransomware


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