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As IoT transforms entire enterprises, it creates incredible benefits but also dramatically increases the number of attack vectors. This theater examines the technologies and practices to help you protect your IOT infrastructure and devices. From connected vehicles to critical infrastructure there will be expertise and advice on securely protecting and managing your devices and detect stealthy sophisticated advanced threats to IOT systems.

IoT Security Speakers

Leonard Jacobs
Leonard Jacobs

President/CEO Netsecuris Inc.


Leonard Jacobs

Leonard Jacobs is the President/CEO of Netsecuris, a leading Managed Security Services Provider specializing in providing cyber security protections to businesses in several vertical markets. Leonard has over 31 years of hands-on technology management experience including 21 years in cyber security. He has spoken on many cyber security topics at conferences around the world and has written many cyber security whitepapers. He is considered an expert on cyber security incident handling and Industrial Control System cyber security. His first employment was with a major minicomputer manufacturer in the 1980s. Additionally, Leonard was employed as a field support engineer for several biomedical systems manufacturers, an IT Manager in healthcare, as the CISO at a major financial institution, and a Enterprise Cyber Security Architect at a major electric utility. He is currently studying for a MS degree in Cybersecurity Technology from University of Maryland; with graduation schedule for December 2018. Leonard holds MBA degree from University of Phoenix, BA degree from University of Florida, Certified SCADA Security Architect from IACRB, and CISSP certification from ISC2 since 2003. Leonard currently serves as co-chair on a U.S. government-funded cyber security working group tackling major cyber security issues. He is an Instructor with the Minnesota Cyber Range hosted by Metropolitan State University in St. Paul and teaching cyber security courses at this same institution of higher learning.

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IoT Security Seminars

  • Wed 31th Oct 09:30 - 10:00
  • Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Leonard Jacobs  |   Netsecuris Inc.  |   IoT Security

    IoT Security Theatre

    Wed 31th Oct 09:30 to 10:00

    Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices communicate more effectively with publish-subscribe-based lightweight messaging protocols as compared to utilizing the traditional request-response nature of TCP/IP communication.  The presentation provides a review of the prominent messaging protocols (MQTT, OpenFMB, and others) utilized today with IoT and IIoT communications. The cyber security protection mechanisms for these messaging protocols will be addressed.


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    Leonard Jacobs Leonard Jacobs View Profile
  • Thu 1th Nov 09:30 - 10:00
  • The Industrial Immune System: Using Machine Learning & AI for OT Cyber Defense

    IoT Security Theatre

    Thu 1th Nov 09:30 to 10:00

    The Industrial Immune System: Using Machine Learning & AI for OT Cyber Defense

    There is an urgent need for a new approach to combat the next generation of cyber-threats, across both OT and IT environments. While total prevention of compromise is untenable, utilizing automated self-learning technologies to detect and respond to emerging threats within a network is an achievable cyber security goal, irrespective of whether the suspicious behavior originated on the corporate network or ICS.