Piracy, Yesterday and Today

Cyber Hack Theatre

Wed 31st Oct 11:30 to 12:10

The pirate companies of the 1600s were criminals opportunistically exploiting the new world of sail. This makes them far more similar to the adversaries of cyberspace than traditional thieves or organized crime. Pirates were forced to innovate or die, turned into some of the most progressive companies the world had ever seen. There is a lot of learn from this stunning level of innovation. I believe that understanding how these criminals organize offers insight into what we can learn about cyber criminals - and how to combat them.

What you will take away from this session

  • Piracy of the 1600s represented a whole new career path for criminals - very similar to the opportunities for cyber-crime today
  • Being a successful criminal requires serious innovation - and we should learn from and hold respect for advancements that pirates created - like constitutional democracy
  • Examine what methods were and were not successful in stopping piracy - and how we can learn from this
  • Recent malware campaigns demonstrate increasing sophisticated in their own organization - and profitability


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Adam Hogan Adam Hogan View Profile