How to Build Effective Defensive Strategies Against Privileged Attacks

Cyber Hack Theatre

Wed 31st Oct 09:30 to 10:00

Cyber-attacks continue to increase in sophistication and are occurring in such volume that the daily newsfeed is littered with tales of new breaches and the cyber infonomics ramifications. Central to almost each of these stories is an element of privilege abuse and misuse that resulted in either the initial exploit, or that was implicated in allowing an initial foothold to metastasize into a security event inflicting widespread reputation and economic damage.

Based on strategies developed by BeyondTrust and presented in the recently published book, “Privileged Attack Vectors,” security professionals will learn how privileges, passwords, and vulnerabilities are being leveraged as attack vectors, and how you can take measurable steps to defend against them.

What you will take away from this session

  • What is privileged access management (PAM)?
  • Best practices for assessing, prioritizing, and addressing internal and external privileged risks
  • Twelve key steps to mitigate the threats of unmanaged privileges


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Morey J. Haber Morey J. Haber View Profile