Advanced Attackers And Evolving Enterprise Defenses

Cyber Hack Theatre

Wed 31st Oct 02:00 to 02:50

Advanced attackers are always looking for ways to stay hidden. The growing use of traffic encryption — over 50% of Web traffic today is encrypted — provides a simple trick for attackers to hide their threats and communications channels. Exploit kits, malware, adware, callbacks, as well as command & control channels leverage encrypted communications to infiltrate organizations and exfiltrate information.
Look into encrypted traffic, without the need for a proxy or additional agents and ensure full coverage of threats hiding within covert channels. Learn how EPP capabilities can be extended to provide an integrated workflow from visibility & detection to response & remediation. A single agent, single console architecture provides deployment simplicity and operational agility to improve productivity and minimize business impact of threats.

What you will take away from this session

  • Explore and expose threats hiding inside encrypted traffic at the endpoint
  • Discover Autonomous Detection and Response to formerly “unseeable” threats
  • Live Attack Demonstration, Investigation and Remediation


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Parker Cook Parker Cook View Profile