The Resource Dilemma: How Security Professionals Can Win the Funding Battle to Get the Resources They Need to Prepare an Adequate Cyber Defense

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Wed 31st Oct 02:20 to 02:50

This presentation is focused on strategies to help security professionals get the funding approval they need for additional investment in tools, external consulting support, staff training, 3rd party testing, audits, and assessments, as well as to obtain needed internal resources such as floorspace, collaboration from all employees, and more security staff.

What you will take away from this session

  • Understand the current beliefs and fears that C level executives have regarding funding approval and resource allocation for cyber security defenses
  • Educate key stakeholders on the risks involved in NOT deploying further cyber security measures
  • Expand current cyber security strategy planning to include additional tools and procedures to improve cyber defense posture
  • Gain a better understanding of how to cultivate broad support within the organization for the adoption of additional cyber security tools and procedures


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Mark Langford Mark Langford View Profile