The Future of Authentication with FIDO

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Wed 18th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

Identity is the new perimeter - but the perimeter is most often a password - responsible for 81% of data breaches in 2016.  Current MFA solutions like SMS and other OTP are just as broken, still phishable and suffering from a poor UX.  FIDO is one of the most exciting innovations in identity & access management, which for the first time brings a multi-factor authentication standard to the mass market combining military-grade security, awesome UX, privacy, and interoperability - all in a single stack that will soon be baked into the computing platforms we already own.  This presentation will include a live demo.

What you will take away from this session

  • How FIDO enables innovation at the edge, leveraging sensors and hardware backed security (TPM/TEE/SE) capable of generating, securing and applying cryptographic keys
  • How to enable passwordless authentication to mobile and web applications using public-key crypto and biometric authenticators
  • The current availability of FIDO solutions, including native browser and platform support, current off-the-shelf solutions, and the growing number industry and governments adopting this new technology
  • How FIDO can be integrated into Enterprise SSO solutions using SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, and leveraging open-source libraries such as AppAuth


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